5 Silly Mistakes You Must Avoid While Managing Google Adwords Campaign

Silly Mistakes You Must Avoid While Managing Google Adwords Campaign

Google Adwords is a very powerful tool used by many online marketers in promoting their businesses at a small cost. It is an excellent way to drive traffic to your website and thus expose your business brand to a larger audience. Google Adwords can only give you good results if used wisely. It is therefore up to the advertiser to manage their campaign well, Google Adwords main purpose is to relay you with statistics and information about your campaign. 

Effective campaigning strategies should result in the growth of your business. However, for you to receive positive results, then you must plan your strategies with a lot of detail and intelligence. There are several common mistakes that people make when using Google Adwords. Here is a list of 5 silly mistakes you must avoid while managing Google Adwords campaign. Evading from these mistakes can help you take your website and business to greater heights using a cost friendly tool (Google Adwords).

Grouping all keywords into one ad group

Grouping all keywords into one ad group is a common mistake made by many marketers. It is important to note that keywords are the most essential part of an ad and carry the most relevance. If you group all your keywords into one ad group, the consequence will be that some keywords will be highly relevant to the ad group while other will not be. Marketers think that by using this misguided technique they will boost their impressions, which is not always the case. This technique is expensive and does not always guarantee the desired results. It is important to distribute your keywords with care and detail. 

Not paying attention to statistics

Not checking the statistics in your site is another grave mistake made by many online advertisers. It is important to take closer look at the figure you get. This will help you determine how much money you spend on Adwords advertising each day, how many conversions you made, how many ads and click you received and many more. Such information can help you make better decisions for your Google Adwords Campaign, if you spend enough effort and time in tracking your daily observations.

Not Using Negative Keywords

This is another common mistake made by online advertisers. People do not know that using negative keywords is a good way to exclude keywords that are not a favourable match for their product. Negative keywords can be added at two levels, this is the ad group or campaign level. You can thus use this feature to exclude a given word from one particular ad group or the entire campaign if you like it. Google Analyst is a good tool to use to look for the words that should be excluded in the ad or campaign. Use the information to eliminate the keywords from your Google Adwords Campaign without excluding the terms that are performing well.

Not Bidding on Your Own Brand

A lot of people forget to bid on their own brand. Most people assume that since they already rank for their own brand, then there is no need to advertise for it. However, this should not be the case because if you do not market for your brand, other companies will. Your competitors will use your brand name for an ad group and this way targets your visitors. As much as you may rank first for the organic term, your competitor may be advertising directly above that result.

It is important to bid the highest for your own brand since people who are searching for that company are likely to see you. Your goal should be to appear at the very top of your own brand name.

Not paying attention to optimization

Many people that are familiar with Google Adwords may have taken note of obvious flaws in their PPC efforts, which are usually highlighted by split testing. However, people fail to do anything about it. The business of optimizing Adwords is very important and is considered an entirely different business niche in itself for Google Adwords Campaign.

Keyword optimization in the heading of an ad for instance is a must for any Adwords message. There are a million ways to optimize PPC ads for better results such as URL optimizations. Many people make the mistake of not capitalizing on these techniques, a tactic that costs them dearly.

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