How to use LinkedIn effectively for business- A must read article

How to use LinkedIn effectively for business

How often do you update your LinkedIn account or I must say after how much days use just check it out?

How much time you update it as per your current professional data??

These are some questions that should stick in every one’s mind but as we know the answer is just same for all of us. It’s quite a strange fact that we spent our life almost one third or I must say more then it in socialism but one don’t give its half time to our professional network. Okay so without giving any more time to this session I directly came to point.

LinkedIn Career counselor Expert Nicole Williams says “Your personal and professional networking are just like two side of coins and I saw same mistake over and over whenever I look down”

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Everyone checkout their Facebook account per day and updates their current situation or must do some activity but no one cares about their professional network i.e. LinkedIn. We hardly do some change after sign-up and if we do these are some changes that are not going to build our professional network. Is it enough to having a LinkedIn account for your growth in professional network? I think surly not. Here I am going to tell you How to use LinkedIn effectively for business:– 

Inappropriate profile picture

Inappropriate profile picture

Profile picture is the first thing that visitors see while visiting our profile and it’s the first thing that makes an impact on their mind. When we build our profile sometimes we don’t bother to use a profile picture and we leave it blank, and if we do then we use some senseless picture. I am going to give you an example suppose you are going to give an interview and preparing your CV then what would you do, would you place Tom Cruise profile picture in that, surely not. LinkedIn profile is just like your CV (Curriculum Vitae) and you have to organize it in that manner.

Suggestion for good profile picture
  • Always use your current photograph, taken in good condition.
  • Don’t use profile picture showing any inappropriate posture.
  • Try to upload it in formals. 

Updating Useless status

Don’t forget that LinkedIn is not your social account, it’s renowned as professional platform so be safe while updating your status. Sometimes we update some inappropriate content (In terms of professional) on social account but never do it with LinkedIn if you want to grow it as professional platform. Always keep in mind that whenever anyone is coming to shortlisting you then he/she will take a complete overview about yourself and it will make a bad impact so try to avoid it. This point will play a major role in How to use LinkedIn effectively for business.

Suggestion for good status update
  • Always try to update status in a systematic manner whether it’s your work related or personal.
  • Try to update your work / study related status like if you are studying something or doing any project then you should update it with some sort of good references.
  • Try to sharing your knowledge via your status with others.
  • Don’t forget to give references (Appropriate link) with your status if you are talking about any project.

Skipping Summary in profile

Always fill summary about yourself in your profile it will be like an introductory speech about yourself. It’s just like we mention our objectives in our CV. Never leave it blank, it will be so awkward for your visitors. Write down whatever you are, you are working, in any organization etc. etc. Don’t try to filling false information or don’t try to be over smart as it will be in your negative points. Summary will play a vital role in How to use LinkedIn effectively for business field.

Suggestion for good summary
  • Always describe about your current position whether you are student/employee/self-promoted.
  • Mention your motives and objective toward your career it can be about your dream Job.

Fill up every column in your profile

Sometimes we don’t mention our past jobs or some sections like about our volunteer, causes we care etc. etc. Don’t skip this information as it can make good chances for your shortlisting if someone is looking to recruit you. We don’t know about the recruiter that what they are looking for or what they desire, sometimes it happens that we have done a job in our past that matches the recruiter criteria but we don’t mention it.  Your Volunteer work would be just like your extra activities which we mention in our CV so never left this section. Also write down the causes you care, it will show up your interest in other works.

Suggestion for these sections
  • Try to write down some sensible issues that can make last long impact on viewer.
  • Mention about your post job and the company related with it.
  • Don’t try to overhead it with a huge list of issues made it moderated so others can accept it.

Connection invitation

A very first thing we do and we take it as an easy way is connection request. There are so many option for connection request when we are going to send invitation but have you ever try to make it genuine or just you are using a default connection request. Don’t forget then whoever you are going to connect will take this request and it will make a great impact so fill the genuine one not the default connection request.

Suggestion for sending invitation
  • Make a healthy message with your invitation as it will be beneficial for you.
  • Attach signature at last of your message like-

                                                         Your name
                                                         Position (if you are working)

Show up your activeness

Many people thinks that having a profile is sufficient but recruiters looks for your professional activeness, so just update yourself time to time with latest data. Also try to contribute in communities over LinkedIn. Williams gives some suggestion about it – “I suggest joining some groups related with your work or with your skills that will not only show your activeness but will pay a healthy attention of your aim”

Suggestion to be active:
  • Join some company pages that you desire and take a close eye on openings and closing.
  • Try to contribute in group’s healthy discussions; don’t act just like a visitor.

So here are some issues by working over them you can make a professional profile catchier and appropriate as per professionals. One last thing I want to say my readers that –
If we can spend minimum one hour to social networking then we can give at least 10 minutes to our professional network.”

So here is my tips over for “How to use LinkedIn effectively for business”. It’s your turn to ask n share your views.  

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