Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wall hacked: What else to be done?


Facebook CEO wall hacked

According to our reporters Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Facebook account wall has been hacked by Palestinian white hat hacker Khalil. According to Khalil he reported a bug about Facebook vulnerability that allowed him to write on anyone’s wall. He reported several times to Facebook authorities about that but they just ignored it by saying that it’s not a bug. After all of that he was left with no choice so he just put a sign of Facebook wall by doing this.

Khalil Explains that he research all about that and send many proofs about it where as if any research fellow had done it then he must be awarded with a big amount.

So after all of that he just put on CEO wall saying that “First sorry for this, but I have no other choice left behind and then he give details about that and explains all the matter.” Within a few seconds Facebook security team just blocked Khalil’s wall and then fix the bug related with that problem. After all done they just allowed Khalil’s to use Facebook but pinnacle authorities said that it was not at all a right method for doing that it does not meet the reputation of white hat hacker and breaks the terms of security conditions of Facebook so he is not eligible for any reward.

But the final question is that if CEO’s wall is not safe then what about the others? As there are hackers smarter than Facebook security team.

Source:Times Of India