Facebook on its way buy Oculus VR for $2 billion

Facebook on its way buy Oculus VR for $2 billion
Facebook, one of world’s biggest social media is going to enter in the world of Virtual Reality with the help of its newest partner Oculus. After doing a huge deal with the biggest messaging app Whats app its back to back deal with Oculus VR will make Facebook a face of virtual Reality. According to the rumors the deal is going to be fixed with $2 billion where $400 million will be cash and the rest amount will be hold in the Facebook market shares.

Oculus VR a big rival company of Sony in artificial reality has currently unleashed its new Oculus Rift VR dev Kit and makes a great competition against Sony’s PlayStation 4. Oculus is totally concentrated over virtual gaming and it is doing a great job since its first product launch. But now as this news comes in the market it’s totally revert of the statement made by its founder Palmer Luckey “We will made an independent virtual reality and won’t do any dependencies in near future”, but it looks like that finally Facebook CEO agreed them with this huge deal.
According to Oculus CEO Brendan lribe “We were working on this deal with a past few months. Mark and his team was quite interested in our futuristic vision and they were pleased with our thoughts. Oculus was totally about gaming experience till today but now we will work on more realistic thoughts that seem not to possible till today.”
In questioning with inventor Palmer luckey, “It was a totally different experience, but it doesn’t mean that we will not work independently but now we will add more plans to our current vision. Mark’s thought toward virtual reality and his interest toward this area made me thought and we decided that we can go together with a great vision. It will not only made Oculus Drift a better and cheaper but will enhance its current scenario”
Mark Zuckerberg said “We will help out Oculus is their vision of future gaming but as well as we are developing more area’s that will change the world as oculus team is ready to rock and roll, sooner you will see a new dream world where in everyday life you will see tremens changes just like sitting in a classroom with teachers all over the world, seeing a doctor face to face, playing a soccer all over the world seating near a beach.”

Whatever the reason behind this partnership but one thing for sure that we will see a different and bigger projects in near future as these two partners are going to make it huge. One more thing is coming out is that Facebook is trying to get in market in every possible ways as from past decade we are seeing that its social media growth is getting low and it don’t want to be out dated so they are trying every possible moves. Whatever the reasons behind that but rumors are seeing this deal as Google deals with Android that makes the word with its new productivity. Well now it will make a tough competition for Sony and other companies Like Valve who are currently working over Virtual Reality products.

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