Twitter changes Retweet button to share,Will this change brings any effect?

Twitter changes Retweet button to share

Is Twitter on its way to made changes in this year?? Yes I am not saying, its twitter who made a list of changes within past year as its going to convert itself into a newer version. It seems like from past few months world’s top social media platforms are trying to copy each other. Just take a look on these facts-
  • Facebook add follow button on its time line just like twitter.
  • Twitter allows adding pictures in DM just like Facebook (DM: - Direct Messaging).
  • Twitter changes its design to look like Facebook Time line. 
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And now another major change by twitter-
Twitter is testing to convert its sacred retweet button into “Share”, as reported by some of its IOS users who seen these changes into their account.

It was first noticed by CNBC’s Eli Langer who was trying to make a retweet and experience that it’s showing share. Here are the actual images that users faced while using retweet, one of the twitter’s biggest weapons

Twitter changes Retweet button to share

Twitter changes Retweet button to share2

After taking a look one can easily say that there is a war going in between social media platforms to acquire the no.1 position so they are trying to all possible moves by them if it’s by copying each other.
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There is also a great conflict between users, as the premium users who had joined twitter earlier are neglecting these changes as they are familiar with the old twitter designs while the new users are doing a warm welcome on these changes and as everybody knows that twitter works over its users reviews so it may be possible that in near future we are going to miss the sacred retweet button as its going to be lost soon. But we hope that according to the user reviews this change will not be last long as twitters traditional users don’t want to be turning it into Facebook.
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Whatever fact is but one thing is for sure that as these two big rivals (Twitter v/s Facebook) are changing their API’s, we will see some exceptional changes in near future that will be hard to believe.

We want user’s reviews so share your thoughts with us that what is your reaction on this as these changes are good or going to be worse, share in comment box. 
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