Facebook Release Embed Video/Post feature for all, now you can embed your Facebook Page video in your website/Blog

Facebook Embed Option

Today Facebook release embed post/video option for all. Let’s take a tour what is embed video and what it this news about.

Initially you shared videos on your Facebook page by uploading them on page and for your blog /website, you take embed code from YouTube and put that code according to your requirement in HTML part. Now that feature is available in Facebook also.

Now everyone can embed Post/video from Facebook page and can put in their website/blog. For this Facebook provides you HTML code for your every posts on page. Your work is just copy that code and put on your blog. It have awesome layout and from this layout anyone can like your page through Video. Now hurry and check our below given steps for this new embed feature of Facebook. Make your blog Facebook friendly and good looking. Remember one thing that your post on Facebook must be public.

Let’s start and use this new feature step by step.

  • Go to any video of your page and click on right down arrow mark, here you will find an option name “Embed Post”.
Facebook Embed Feature

  • Click on that option
  • You will get a HTML code of your post.
Facebook Embed Code

  • Now your work is go to your website/ blog and put that code in the HTML section of your blog’s HTML section.    
  • As you can see our Embed video demo. We just put HTML code in our Blog and now it’s live. Here you can read all our comments and can check who share our videos and posts. In this layout right side corner part you can like our page through embed post.